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The Meishin Kyudo society was formed in 1975 and was one of the founding members of the national organisation. Its members participate on a regular basis in all United Kingdom and European events.

The Sensei (teacher) is Mike Cundy, Renshi, 5th Dan.

Training takes place on Saturday mornings 9.00am to 12.00pm at:

The Sports Hall
Mascalls Academy
Paddock wood (near Tonbridge)


Those interested should contact 01245 263940 or email to  to arrange an opportunity to come along and view a training session.

By its nature Kyudo is suitable for women and men of all ages although beginners must be 16years or older.

Kyudo is a completely amateur activity and requires a considerable commitment in terms of time. For this reason all visitors are asked to attend as observers before starting a training programme.

Beginners will start by using group equipment but at a later stage personal equipment will need to be bought. Students are advised not to buy equipment without the advice of their instructor. The selection of the right equipment requires experience and an understanding of individual needs.

Despite being hand made by traditional craftspeople the cost of bows and arrows is no more than the western equivalent. Training is conducted in traditional clothing of Hakama and Keikogi and these are among the first items a beginner will need to buy.

The most important requirement is a willingness to learn within the traditional framework of a Japanese Dojo.




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